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Photogrammetry : Groupe Info ConsultA technique that is the basis of modern mapping, photogrammetry enables viewing the terrain in 3D based on a couple of aerial photographs. Photogrammetrists can collect data on everything they see (hydrography, roads, houses, contour lines, etc.).

  • Aerotriangulation
  • Complete mapping or updating
  • Volume Calculations
  • Legal expertise (evolution of a location over time)

Cadastral Reform

Used as a complement to more expensive field surveys, photogrammetry allows for substantial savings. In fact, data on hydrography, roads, and all evidence of occupation, can be collected directly on aerial photographs.

Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

A Digital Elevation Model can be built entirely by hand, allowing for maximum accuracy. To minimize costs without sacrificing accuracy, we also use a mixed method. By using specialized software, we can obtain a fully automatic DEM that is refined manually to correct errors that may have occurred. This photogrammetric method is often more affordable than a LIDAR survey that requires new data acquisition.

High Precision

High-precision photogrammetry is an inexpensive alternative to field surveys. Results have shown that accuracies of better than 5 cm are perfectly attainable.