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Pierre Gravel a.-g., President
ric Milot g., Geomatics Expert
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Surveying and Geodesy

Field Surveys

Description: Project involving cadastral reform using photogrammetry at St-Elie-de-Caxton. Preparation of 30 control points, carrying out aerotriangulation, and collection of hydrographic data within cadastral lots.
Date: 2007 - 2008
Client: Rochette et Lahaie

Technical Surveys

Description: Project involving the opening, implementation, and detailed surveying of two sections of highway (30 km and 15 km) for the Chute-Allard and Rapide-des-Coeur hydro-electric project, including the addition of 37 new geodetic points.
Date: 2004
Client: Hydro-Qubec


Description: GPS survey of 27 photogrammetric control points in the Laval University area.
Date: 2010
Client: XEOS