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LIDAR Surveys

Digital Elevation Model

Description: [Preliminaries for the (titanic) Eastmain 1A-Rupert (James Bay) Diversion project]. Airborne LIDAR surveys were carried out of the Rupert Reservoir, Rupert rivers, Nmiscau, Lemare, Rupert Bay, and parts of Lake Boyd and Lake Sakami. These surveys involved point collection at 0.5 m accuracy and a density of at least one point every 4 sq. m. The surface area covered by the project is approximately 4,700 sq. km., which represents more than 300 million points surveyed for the entire project.
Date: 2002
Client: Hydro-Qubec

Data Classification

Description: Description: A 42 km long by 400 m wide helicopter-borne LIDAR survey was carried out on the Paugan-Quyon power transmission line (near the Ontario border). Data for the following objects was classified and delivered: towers, conductors, structures, overhead lines, soil, vegetation, buildings, roads, and bridges.
Date: 2005
Client: Hydro-Qubec